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QCSVision - The Design

QCSVision System-Overview The blue parts in above graphic are the server components, the orange part is the user interface.

Modern application design

QVCSVision is the first framework for image processing in Client/Server architecture.

Your main advantage is that applications built using this platform scale well, are very robust, and are in some aspect independent from the platform used.

Our user interface uses the industry standard TCP/IP protocol to communicate with the server, and can therefore be used on other computers on the network.

The user interface is 100% isolated from the server - thus leading to a better quality and more reliable server (no MFC functions used on the server level).

The system also uses a multiple-server model - so the system scales well when used with multiple CPUs. It is also in some areas freed from the need to process images as fast as they are available.

So no pictures are lost.

Fast technology

Our software is not only fast - it is also able sustain a high rate of data throughput without pause.

Our software can record for example 1000 frames/second and process them online. It is possible to use data rates of up to 120 MBytes/second.

One example is our DOT tire scanning product, where the system is able to analyse 5000 images within 5 seconds, compresses these images, store them on disk and is ready for the next cycle 15 seconds later. This leads to 1.6 GBytes of compressed image data within one hour.

This works 24x7, including OCR and the actual processing which is LLT (laser line triangulation).

Multiple cameras

Our system can use multiple cameras at the same time and also simulate cameras.

Area scan cameras can be used as line scan cameras and vice-versa.

Your benefits:

Fast adaptation
Flexibility when it comes to licensing (no lawyers on staff - yet)
Quality - German engineering