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LineScan Engine HS94




The SkySoft LineScan engine HS94 is a camera-based high-speed scanner with a optical resolution of 660 pixel that has a fully functional and programmable PC included.

This makes the HS94 the ideal platform to check, OCR, barcode, archive and compare products in motion.

Possible products are:

  • Outgoing mail on mail processing lines
  • Packets on processing lines
  • Printed labels (for pharmaceutical or cosmetic products, barcode labels)
  • Bank notes (serial numbers) or checks
  • Credit cards during production
  • Phone voucher cards
  • Customer cards
  • Scratch cards
  • Driver's licenses
  • Other personalized cards
  • Printer output
  • Everything else - in motion

The LineScan engine HS94 has a scan rate of up to 32000 lines/sec and arrives at a resolution of 300dpi at a product speed of 9ft/sec.


LineScan Engine HS94 Camera, light, computer - Everything included in this 11"x6"x11" aluminium box.

Everthing included


To make the solution as simple as possible, we have assembled and tested all components necessary in an attractive aluminium casing:

  • Camera incl. optics
  • CPU
  • Light
  • User interface with 7" TFT display
  • Power supply
  • DVD-RW drive for data storage / system maintenance

The result is a box, sized 11"x6"x11", and is to be mounted just over the products in motion.

The setup is very easy. Everything is included. Everything works.

Easy to integrate

We can do more for you than just deliver the LineScan engine. We also help you to integrate the product in your IT environment.

If you are an OEM - why not add the functionality of the LineScan engine to your application?

The LineScan engine comes with different options - you only have to pay for what you use.

Multiple engines can be linked together using a network - so you can stay in touch if you have a more complex environment.



The unit can archive, check, sort or drive.

The following application should be seen as a sample:

  • Mail documentation - esp. for critical pieces - i.e. insurance industry/legal
  • Inspection in the production of phone voucher cards (incl. PIN field check)
  • Inspection for label production(pharmaceutical or cosmetical products, process control labels)
  • Inspection in credit card production
  • Securing the process of mail production
  • Mail sorting (incoming / outgoing)

The system includes a DVD drive for archiving of longer-term data, a network interface and a database-oriented web application for data retrieval. (text and/or images)

Some technical specifications

  • Scan rate up to 30 kHz
  • Speed of the product in motion up to 2m/sec (about 9ft/sec), speed adjusted automatically
  • Locating the address on a letter and OCR of the address, around 16000 letters/h online (more available on request, external OCR CPU optional)
  • Reading letter through the envelope
  • Usage for the standalone system with "offline OCR" (-> that is processing later when CPU usage permits, without external unit) with 50% duty-cycle around ca. 30000 letters/h

More information

Click here for the datasheet "Inline Quality Inspection for Mail Tracking" [430 KB]